Mission Statement and Staff

The purpose of the Cumberland Cultural Foundation through the Gilchrist Gallery and Museum is to provide a public venue for the display of special exhibitions, permanent collections and cultural performances. The organization is committed to maintain and restore the historical structure and grounds at 104 Washington Street, Cumberland, Maryland and provide visual and performing arts education to the community while contributing to economic and tourism development in the area.

Board of Directors

Executive Board Members

President: Cristina Freas
Vice President: David Love
Secretary: Melissa Nelson
Treasurer: Stacie Gilmore


Board Members

Tabitha Barbarito
Christina Collins-Smith
Tony Cornwell
Scott Cutter
Shirley Giarritta
Penny Knobel-Besa
Gregory Malloy
Melissa Nelson
David R. Nicolas
Denise Partsch
Maggie Pratt
Jennifer M. Walsh, Esquire